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My name is Neville Pettersson and I have created the this site to help regular home owner’s like me make their own

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Disadvantages Of Solar Energy

Sun is present only during the day time. Hence, solar power from the sun can be used only during the day. All the storage devices such as updraft towers and batteries work well under the direct heat of the sun. However, as the sun sets at night time, the photons or light-containing packets also disappear and the function of
solar roof panels begins to decline.

Solar storage devices require the continuous flow of solar heat and light to work efficiently. Its ineffiency during the night has limited its use and is therefore one of the disadvantages of solar energy.

Economical Disadvantages

One of the major disadvantages of solar energy is its installation cost. The
cost of solar panels, if you get them from a solar company or franchise, is quite high compared to other renewable sources of energy. A single rooftop solar panel doesn't generate enough electricity to support domestic power use. The photovoltaic panels used in homes can cost you about $20,000 or more. But today, more and more companies are offering reasonably priced systems, as they see the value of making solar home energy readily available and more available for the public.

Local and state governments are now implementing tax breaks, subsidies and tax credits to offset the expensive solar panel cost. But despite all these incentives, the relative cost still remains high compared to the installation and use of other renewable energy sources. To help minimize cost, most homeowners do their own DIY solar panel installation projects. The rapidly growing 'green movement' has also paved the way for further development for solar energy and other renewable energy sources such as wind, water, and etc.

Disadvantages Of Solar Energy for Power

Solar panels are not able to absorb
ALL the light and heat coming from the sun. Most solar panels only have a 20 percent efficiency rate at best. This means that around 80 percent of the sun's light remains unused and wasted.

Today, there are new technologies that have increased the panels' efficiency rate from 15 percent to 20 percent. Along with this new advancement, comes the rising cost of these solar panels as well. One of the major disadvantages of solar energy is the fact that not a lot places have the right technology to use these panels without ample sunshine. Without the right amount of sunlight, solar panels also become more inefficient.

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Disadvantages Of Solar Energy

Disadvantages Of Solar Energy Systems

One of the most notable disadvantages of solar energy is the number of technicalities involved in the system. The materials used to make the photovoltaic panels are regularly exposed to other things aside from photons. The constant exposure to ultraviolet rays and other forms of solar radiation causes these panels to deteriorate through time. Other environmental factors such as dirt and rain also take their toll. During installation, you also need to perfectly angle the panels to the sun for it to receive solar energy directly.


Some of the disadvantages of solar energy include pollution, installation and location. If you live in areas where it remains foggy and cloudy throughout the year, then this can reduce the amount of electricity solar panels generated by solar panels. Houses covered with landscapes, trees and other buildings may not be able to produce sufficient amounts of solar power to help them save on their bills.

Environmental pollutants can also reduce the efficiency and quality of the photovoltaic cells. New technologies may help overcome the worst effects of pollution to the solar panels. Domestic solar power may not need a wide roof space but for businesses and establishments who are trying to use this form of energy, a large area is required.

Solar Panels For Your Home